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Dec 31, 2015

#20 - My new luggage tag


#19 - This was on Good Morning America this morning


#18 - TIL there was Chinese general who defended a town against 150,000 soldiers with only a lute and his reputation for being clever. He opened the gates and sat on the town wall playing the lute. The opposing general thought it was a trap and retreated.


#17 - I saw my girlfriend's virtual spin instructor stare into my soul last night.


#16 - TIL a fire burned down the warehouse of the animation company behind the Wallace and Gromit films, destroying "the entire history" of the animation series.


#15 - So there's been a bit of rain in Ireland recently...


#14 - My grandmother owns a 1970's era "Gay Bob" [NSFW] [X-post from /r/WTF]


#13 - My pup when I was leaving for work after being on vacation for a 11 days


#12 - Insult to injury


#11 - TIL An American magician in the 1900's acted as a Chinese man for his show and never broke character in public, even using a translator when speaking to journalists. he died on stage after a trick went wrong, his last words were "Oh my God. Something's happened. Lower the curtain."


#10 - Friend of mine passed me a note in 2nd grade, 16 years ago. Today I am cashing this note in.


#9 - Army camouflage.


#8 - BB-8 (x/post r/Besiege)


#7 - Got my friend a copy of the game that every boy wants.  


#6 - TIL Yo Yo Ma once left his 280 year old, $2.5 million cello in a New York City taxicab


#5 - Dis my toy now!


#4 - Mexican marijuana farmers see profits tumble as U.S. loosens laws.


#3 - Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it will begin warning users of its email service when the company suspects that a government has been trying to hack into their accounts.


#2 - Happening now. Should we go tell them?


#1 - Tech companies face criminal charges if they notify users of UK government spying




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Dec 30, 2015

#20 - This could have made me buy Winrar


#19 - TIL Quentin Tarantino didn't go to film school, and has said "When people ask me if I went to film school, I tell them, 'No, I went to films'."


#18 - Up to her elbows


#17 - Nerf fat people already


#16 - TIL Both Tom Hanks & George Clooney are related to Abraham Lincoln


#15 - Can't wait for the new Ubisoft game this year!


#14 - I guess you could say he was thinking outside the box


#13 - Ron Swanson


#12 - Game of Thrones style extending castle


#11 - Fallout has some deep conversations


#10 - I eats then I sleeps


#9 - Wife sent me this with the text: "Dad? Not dad."


#8 - Leonardo Dicaprio and 88th Academy Awards...


#7 - It's Science.


#6 - This little guy is up for adoption at our local humane society. Meet Joker.


#5 - I'm convinced most of the adults who told me wiki is unreliable, now use viral facebook posts for most of their news sources.


#4 - TIL there are 1,311 people who live in Verkhoyansk, Russia, a town with an average temperature of -45C (-50F) in January. In 2012, the town was attacked by a pack of 400 wolves.


#3 - TIL of a three year old Russian girl who survived for 11 days in Siberian taiga forest by drinking from a creek and eating berries while being protected by her dog which went to get help after nine days and returned with rescuers.


#2 - Kobe Bryant in his first video game vs his last video game


#1 - A would-be suicide bomber and his wife have been found guilty of planning an attack in London to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 atrocity.




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Dec 29, 2015

#20 - Prosecutor says officers won't be charged in shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland


#19 - Puppy gets ice cube stuck to itself


#18 - My wife doesn't understand why the cat likes me better.


#17 - Pressing all the buttons


#16 - How is spawn camp prevention possible on this controller?


#15 - TIL That Charlie (Peter Ostrum) from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was offered a three-picture deal after filming, he declined the offer and bought a horse with his earnings from CATCF which spawned a love for animals, he decided not to pursue acting and he became a vet

#14 - After Chicago police kill a college student and a 55-year-old mother, mayor demands reform.


#13 - Dog helping his buddy out the car


#12 - My uncle has ordered so much pizza, that they ended up sending him a Christmas card.


#11 - Meanwhile, in Texas...


#10 - Yesterday, Trump took to Twitter and called Bernie Sanders a liar for stating that Donald has said that American wages are too high. Here is a video of Donald Trump himself saying that he thinks wages are too high. Do not let anyone forget.


#9 - "That cat is quite hirsute!"


#8 - The Sacramento Airport has "stress relief" dogs for people to pet who are just landing from their flight!


#7 - Pentagon thwarts Obama's effort to close Guantanamo


#6 - Lemmy from Motorhead has passed away at age 70.Article


#5 - "I brake suddenly for tailgaters"


#4 - It's a Jeep thing...


#3 - Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance


#2 - The tension


#1 - A magic mirror powered by a raspberry pi. Best Christmas present I've ever put together. Detailed tutorial in comments.




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Dec 18, 2015

#20 - Very funny, Barnes & Noble...


#19 - Police Officer Found Not Guilty After Tasing Unresponsive Native American Man 28 Times


#18 - Every time Windows asks for admin premission


#17 - always thought this would be better UPSIDE DOWN


#16 - The city of Vancouver wants its residents to pay a security deposit of $500 or $750 when they remove a tree from their property. The money won't be refunded until owners can prove they’ve planted a new tree and cared for it for at least a year.


#15 - Let's make it as difficult as possible for people to call us


#14 - TIL that in 1861, the entire student body of the University of Mississippi enlisted in the Confederate Army as a single company. They suffered a 100% casualty rate during the Civil War.


#13 - The difference in shoe wear between my regular foot and my prosthetic foot after a year


#12 - Saudi Arabia about to behead a teenage boy for attending a protest when he was 15


#11 - My blind dog met another blind dog last weekend, and I'd say he's a little smitten.


#10 - TIL a Kyle Brennan died from a gunshot wound while visiting his Scientologist father. It was declared suicide, however Kyle’s fingerprints were not on the weapon, the bullet was missing, his laptop data was deleted, no suicide note was left and his father called David Miscavige’s sister before 911.


#9 - Photographer took his best friend on an adventure


#8[1] - submitted 11 hours ago by aggressive_serve to /r/pics


#7 - They heard us, they ignored us, and now they are smuggling this law in on our love of space. Eat a dick, Congress.


#6 - Dandelion preserved in resin.


#5 - TIL Swedish blood donors first recieve a 'Thank you' text when they initially donate blood, but they also recieve a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.


#4 - “It is unacceptable that Americans pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. The United States is the only major country on earth that does not in one form or another regulate prescription drug prices and the results have been an unmitigated disaster."


#3[1] - submitted 16 hours ago by DarpaChef to /r/worldnews


#2 - Comcast to pay $26 million to settle charges for routinely and illegally dumping used, hazardous electronic equipment into landfills and failing to shred documents containing customers’ private information


#1 - Martin Shkreli, CEO Reviled for Drug Price Gouging, Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges



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Dec 17, 2015

#20 - Low-carb beats low-fat in a meta-analysis of 17 clinical trials. Obese and overweight adults on low-carb diets lost more weight and had lower atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk.


#19 - What Kojima And Andrew House Were REALLY Saying In Their Announcement


#18 - Donald Trump loses Scottish windfarm appeal


#17 - Now THAT'S a selfie


#16 - Rand Paul rips Chris Christie: 'If you're in favor of World War III, you have your candidate'


#15 - TIL that when Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to donate his cleats for a charity auction benefitting 10-year old Erik Ortiz Cruz, who had a brain disorder that can cause 30 seizures a day, he instead paid the whole $83K for his surgery.


#14(1) - Congress creates a bill that will give NASA a great budget for 2016. Also hides the entirety of CISA in the bill.


#13(5) - Octopus makes a rolling armoured home out of a coconut.


#12 - They covered real brick with fake brick.


#11 - My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants


#10 - New Earth like planet spotted just 14 light years away: Wolf 1061c


#9 - Amazing Rendering


#8 - Sikh store-owner called terrorist and shot in the face in Michigan

#7 - Digging peanuts


#6 - TIL in 1941 the world’s largest seed bank (created by botanist Nikolai Vavilov) was housed in Leningrad. As the Germans surrounded the city forcing mass starvation, Vavilov’s scientists refused to eat from the collection, slowly dying of hunger as they maintained 16 rooms of edible plants.


#5 - Octopus carrying around a coconut for portable protection xpost /r/interestingasfuck


#4 - "'When I stand across from King Hussein of Jordan, I say to him you have a friend sir who will stand with you to fight this fight,' Christie said during Tuesday's Republican primary debate. Only problem is that Hussein has been dead since 1999."


#3 - So this happened..


#2 - NASA gets $19.285B in the FY16 budget, nearly $750M above request, includes $1.2438B for Commercial Crew, the exact amount requested.


#1 - Lawmakers Have Snuck CISA Into a Bill That Is Guaranteed to Become a Law



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Dec 16, 2015

#20 - We put clocks in our mobile phones, so we didn't need to look at watches. Now we put mobile phones in our watches so we don't need to look at our mobile phones.


#19 - Putin signs law allowing Russia to overturn rulings of international rights courts


#18 - Come and play with me


#17 - Kojima has officially left Konami, and is reportedly already in talks to establish a new studio in partnership with Sony!


#16 - Oh, hey... how you doin'?

#15 - Trader Joe’s Ex-President Launches Grocery Store That Sells Healthy Food at Fast-Food Prices


#14 - Little girl signing her Christmas pageant to her deaf parents


#13 - Skiing down a spiral rail


#12 - Dog DNA study reveals the extraordinary journey of man's best friend - Descended from the grey wolf, domesticated dogs have been companions to humans for about 33,000 years, a genetic study has shown


#11 - Millions Of Years In One Picture


#10 - Some guys in my town decided to check if the ice is strong enough to hold a car


#9 - Man suing Ford Dealership for $1M after the truck he traded in, that still had his plumbing company decals on it, ends up in a picture with Islamic Terrorists fighting in Syria.


#8 - [Spoilers] Mark Hammill change from 2012 to 2015. Major Props.Events


#7 - This isn't Bladerunner - a building in Beijing with a video screen


#6 - My friend's professor uploaded the "answer key" to their final exam...


#5 - Terminator Dog


#4 - IS Has Lost 40% Of Its Iraqi Territory


#3 - Congress Drops All Pretense: Quietly Turns CISA Into A Full On Surveillance BillPolitics


#2 - The FCC has Received Over 13,000 Complaints about Comcast’s Data Caps


#1 - In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared




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Dec 15, 2015

#20 - That's some fine irony


#19 - Ugly Christmas sweaters were only interesting when they weren't intentionally ugly. Ugly Christmas sweater parties essentially killed ugly Christmas sweater parties.


#18 - My mother's school chose an interesting photo to go with this sign-up sheet...


#17 - Disney right now


#16 - Students create breathtaking unofficial ad for Johnnie Walker

#15 - A Wintry Day in the North Cascades of British Columbia.


#14 - I work at a photography store in Norway. This was our christmas card this year.


#13 - Principal is spelled wrong on my high school diploma.

#12 - TIL that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein published a best-selling romance novel that spawned a twenty-episode TV series and a stage musical.


#11 - The Worst Type Of Feeling


#10 - Antidepressants taken during pregnancy increase risk of autism by 87 percent, new JAMA Pediatrics study finds


#9 - Just miles from the US border, Lexmark fires 90 long-term employees who asked for their pay to be increased by 6 pesos to 120 pesos ($7) a day.


#8 - The way this peacock shows its tail


#7 - TIL that writing was likely only invented from scratch three times in history: in the Middle East, China, and Central America. All other alphabets and writing systems were either derived from or inspired by the the others, or were too incomplete to fully express the spoken language.


#6 - French teacher invented school attack


#5 - There seems to be a small leak in the men's bathroom


#4 - Effect of confinement on a turbidity current


#3 - I made a giant periscope to see the Eiffel Tower from my bed


#2 - Psych evaluations may be required for all police hires in Colorado


#1 - When you fix a bug in production




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Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Dec 11, 2015

#20 - Sweden's employment agency has said foreign-born residents will make up 60% of Sweden’s unemployed by 2017


#19 - My single sister's very single Christmas cards. 2015 update.


#18 - The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground: No longer the majority and falling behind financially


#17 - My latest art purchase


#16 - Don't leave me... I can change

#15 - me irl


#14 - I never realized how short a month is until I started paying rent


#13 - Inner Workings


#12 - Multi-use dog


#11 - Trump cancels trip to Israel after Netanyahu releases statement about Trump's proposed Muslim ban, saying Israel "respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens.


#10 - Salvador Dali at a book signing, taken with a fisheye lens, 1963


#9 - TIL that some areas in Scotland and Japan switched to blue street lights at night and saw a decrease in crime and suicide rates.


#8 - A chemist at CSU invented a biodegradable and recyclable non-petroleum bioplastic


#7 - Cat photobombs a family picture


#6 - The great tumbleweed migration of 2015


#5 - Hello, tiny human


#4 - TIL that while John and Clarence Anglin, 2 of the 3 men who ever escaped from Alcatraz, were officially reported to have drowned in the bay, their mother received flowers anonymously every Mother's Day until she died, and two very tall unknown women were reported to have attended her funeral.


#3 - Texas company gives all 1,381 employees $100,000 bonuses for Christmas -- more than $138 million


#2 - TIL That the Sacramento Public Library started a "Library of Things" earlier this year, allowing patrons to check out, among other things, sewing machines and other items that patrons may find useful, but don't need to own long-term.


#1 - AT&T Has Fooled The Press And Public Into Believing It's Building A Massive Fiber Network That Barely Exists




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Dec 10, 2015

#20 - Bill Gates thinks the 1% should foot the bill for renewable energy, and he's offering the first $2B.


#19 - Chinese Soldiers Training In Sub-Zero Temperature


#18 - Reddit delivers again - little girl who survived a fatal fire who just wanted Christmas cards gets her wish fulfilled


#17 - A Texas town stands divided, after armed men in camouflage menace worshipers at a local mosque. Selk says the armed protesters aren't Irving residents.


#16 - Why, just, why?


#15 - Origin support asking the important question


#14 - Looked outside to check out the noise and realized I wasn't going to work this morning.

#13 - NASA releases new composite image of Titan, showing Earth-like surface 


#12 - These polar bear cookies at Starbucks look like they've all had their throats slit.


#11 - “The more bits you use, the more you pay”: Comcast CEO justifies data caps. Unfortunately, usage-based billing only works one way: in Comcast's favor.


#10 - Nearly 70,000 clerics came together and passed a fatwa against terrorist organizations, including IS, Taliban and al-Qaida. These are "not Islamic organizations," the clerics said to a sea of followers, adding that the members of these outfits were "not Muslims"


#9 - Finally got to meet this lovely guy last night


#8 - Timber!


#7 - Phew that was close


#6 - There is no internet censorship in China, says China’s top censor


#5 - TIL there is a proposed HTTP status code 451 indicating censorship, referencing Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 novel


#4 - Happy holidays


#3 - There, is, no, such, thing, as, too, much, sugar !


#2 - While the world is pushing for more surveillance, Germany wants to become encryption site number one and make end-to-end encryption the standard


#1 - "The US State Department has approved a $1.29 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which includes as many as 13,000 precision guided weapons or smart bombs. The sale comes as Human Rights Watch charges that Saudi airstrikes in Yemen 'have indiscriminately killed and injured civilians.'"


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Dec 9, 2015

#20 - Work smarter, not harder.


#19 - TIL when Spielberg first showed John Williams a cut of Schindler's List, Williams was so moved he had to take a walk outside to collect himself. Upon his return, Williams told Spielberg he deserved a better composer. Spielberg replied, "I know, but they're all dead."


#18 - American satellite started transmitting 46 years after being abandoned in 1967


#17 - Cleveland Goes 21 and over with tobacco.


#16 - Netflix needs to follow Sling TV’s lead and call out Comcast’s data caps


#15 - Woman smiling with laptop


#14 - MRW my WoW friends call me by my character name on Facebook./r/all


#13 - I gotta hand it to your taste yummy."


#12 - A rainy night in Tokyo


#11 - Why aren't we looking into the Saudi role in San Bernardino attack?


#10 - TIL a Norwegian student spent $27 on Bitcoins, forgot about them, and a few years later realised they were worth $886K.


#9 - That's some pretty impressive gymnastics


#8 - Bought a cheap phone off eBay. Opened the box and noticed this.


#7 - We installed a new notification system this morning...


#6 - Snooze you lose.


#5 - Hi r/Bodybuilding. I'm not one of you but my brother was. Can you help me?


#4 - Intense Car Chase and Gun Battle in Downtown Seattle Yesterday


#3 - The Two Leading Presidential Candidates -- Clinton And Trump -- Are Both Mocking Free Speech On The Internet


#2 - Saudi Arabia accused of trying to wreck Paris climate deal - One of the world’s largest oil producers is getting in the way of a deal and making implausible objections, say delegates and campaigners


#1 - The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that a Maryland man may proceed with his lawsuit alleging that the state’s congressional redistricting plan was unconstitutionally gerrymandered.



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Dec 8, 2015

#20 - My brother is wearing a Hiphop-apotamus & Rhymenocerous shirt in his funeral portrait. I can't stop laughing. He would love this.


#19 - Best name description.


#18 - When puppies meet cat


#17 - No, this is Patrick


#16 - Director Ron Howard here. Hi Reddit! Ask me anything!


#15 - My friend's dog is pretty photogenic


#14 - Ebay gamer sharing the love


#13 - The difference between being 20 and 40.


#12 - NATO has ruled out sending ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria."Muslims are on the front line in this war. Most victims are Muslims, and most of those who fight against the IS are Muslims. We can not carry on this struggle for them,


#11 - TIL that when the USS West Virgina was finally raised after being sunk during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, deceased men were found in an airtight storeroom. On the calendar, 16 days were crossed off in red pencil.


#10 - Gravity is nothing to this man.


#9 - Such Beautiful Creatures


#8 - The missing Malaysia flight 370 is exactly what the show "Lost" would've looked like from the rest of the world's POV.


#7 - TIL that CBS used to dub in bird songs to golf tournaments. They were caught by an avid bird watching who noticed the song of a bird that was not indigenous to the region of the tournament.


#6 - TIL that there's a mountain in Australia called Mt. Disappointment. It was named such because the explorers who first reached its summit found the view to be sub par and wanted to reflect their feelings in the name they chose for the mountain.


#5 - A game where you either have to rapidly babyproof your house, or you are the baby and you try vehemently to kill yourself


#4 - Mirror maze


#3 - Clever girl


#2 - I feel like Windows mistakenly did something horrible to my files, and then managed to fix them while in a panic.


#1 - Beijing has issued its first ever ‘Red Alert’ over smog, and the city is going into complete shutdown



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Dec 4, 2015

#20 - You never realize how few original Christmas songs there are until you work in retail and have to hear the same 6 songs sung by 10 different people in a 4 hr shift.


#19 - TIL that the world's largest diamond heist was solved after the thieves dumped a garbage bag of evidence in the woods on the property of a man who happened to always pester the cops about garbage on his property.


#18 - TIL In Colgone, Germany it is common to donate your used Christmas trees to the local zoo. An elephant can eat up to 3 of these trees a day and can also use them to clean their teeth.


#17 - Sailor Moon dad jokes


#16 - Those Puppy Eyes


#15 - TIL that Bob Barker was trained as a Navy fighter pilot in WW2, but wasn't sent to a fleet squadron in time to fight. He once said: "I was all ready to go, and when the enemy heard that I was headed for the Pacific, they surrendered. That was the end of World War II."


#14 - Some Shower Thoughts from Cookie Moster


#13 - How to get punched


#12 - What are the best computer hackers able to do right now that most people are unaware of?


#11 - This is all too accurate at my work place


#10 - I drive safer when there's food on my passenger seat than when there's a person sitting there.


#9 - That's pretty impressive.


#8 - Oscar Pistorious guilty of murder.


#7 - Quarantined subreddits


#6 - World's largest Muslim group, Sunni movement launches anti extremism campaign


#5 - Glorious fox


#4 - Trying to take a holiday picture of Dexter

#3 - TIL that the word "legend" originally meant "things to be read". In the pre-Medieval period, reading and writing were very rare, and so anything worthy of being written down was something very noteworthy, and thus "legendary"; worthy of being written down and read.


#2 - Preparation is everything.


#1 - Zookeepers trying to keep a panda from rolling down a hill



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Dec 3, 2015

#20 - Poll: Sanders more electable than Hillary against top Republicans


#19 - These hoes ain't loyal


#18 - Los Angeles is considering using number plate readers to send "Dear John" letters to the homes of men who have simply driven down streets known to have a prostitution problem


#17 - Snakes moving between walls with different widths


#16 - Departing Australia. Arriving in China.

#15 - Came across this incredibly high-resolution photo from 1865: Abraham Lincoln's assassinators at the gallows [NSFW].


#14 - Kramer about to enter a scene.


#13 - What it's like working in retail


#12 - UK Parliament Vote in Favor of Airstrikes in Syria


#11 - Forever Alone.


#10 - Erdogan hates this meme enough to jail a man over it! So, naturally, we should post it everywhere


#9 - TIL That elephants know to come to humans for help (like if they've been poisoned) and can find us even over long distances


#8 - Laser Cut Paper


#7 - "A new blanket? For me? I love it!"


#6 - Dog gets reunited with owner after 3 years


#5 - TIL: Happier cows really do produce more milk, and simply calling cows by individual names ups production by 3.5%.


#4 - Snakes moving between walls with different widths


#3 - Cameroon army 'kills 100 Boko Haram fighters, frees 900 hostages'


#2 - Authorities Respond to “20 Victim Shooting” Incident in San Bernardino: Fire Dept


#1 - Turkish doctor faces 2 years in jail for sharing meme that likens president Erdogan to Gollum in LOTR



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Dec 2, 2015

#20 - Black activist charged with making fake death threats against black students at Kean University


#19 - Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” Is Three Hours, With an Overture, Intermission and Oscar Performances


#18 - Lost treasures of sunken cities to go on show after more than 1,000 years submerged in the waters of the Nile delta



#17 - This is how we end war.


#16 -Nothing says "top of the food chain" like squid-ink calamari pasta: you're eating another animal, and seasoning it with its defense mechanism.


#15 - Goofy Animated 'The Force Awakens' Poster


#14 - Airport ground crews de-icing a Frozen plane


#13 - Joshua Feuerstein Should Be Arrested Immediately


#12 - Picture taken on the frontline by Ukrainian soldier


#11 - Seafoam splash captured at a thousandth of a second


#10 - Reflective pond creates an illusion


#9 - Zuckerberg, wife pledge to donate 99% of their Facebook shares, about $45 billion, to charity


#8 - Fed ends 'too big to fail' lending to collapsing banks


#7 - Bird's nest in the city


#6 - How to Calm a Crying Baby - "Shake their little Booty


#5 - It took me ten minutes with the shutter open to make this image. Worth the wait.


#4 - Brazilian special forces knocks off aircraft wing to prevent suspects from escaping.


#3 - Pick on a pig your own size!


#2 - Quebec Judge issues $1 fine for possessing 30 cannabis plants, calls marijuana laws obsolete


#1 - Amnesty International says Qatar has done "almost nothing effective to end chronic labour exploitation" since it was chosen five years ago to host the football World Cup in 2022.


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Dec 1, 2015

#20 - The colour pencils


#19 - Israeli and Palestinian leaders shake hands for first time in five years. And also get massively photobombed


#18 - Subway's pretty passive aggressive


#17 - She's there everyday getting rubdowns and snacks


#16 - "Two-thirds of Americans want U.S. to join climate change pact"


#15 - Japan stuns world by announcing it will resume whaling in Antarctic Ocean despite ban


#14 - 'The Witcher 3' And 'Fallout 4' Show Us That Single-Player Games Should Live Forever


#13 - CBS News finds Peace Corps volunteers blamed, fired after reporting sexual assault


#12 - Leitisvatn Lake.


#11 - After 9 months... it is still there.


#10 - Hanging fireplace


#9 - Need some help there buddy?


#8 - Time for a baby hippo


#7 - ...I think I'll take the next bus.


#6 - China Is Building a Giant Animal-Cloning Factory to Feed the Masses - While the rest of the world sorts out its feelings about the safety & ethics of cloning animals for food production, China is charging ahead & building the world's largest animal cloning factory, set to begin operations in 2016.


#5 - Wait....where am I going?


#4 - Erdo─čan: I will resign if any oil purchase from Daesh is proven


#3 - Origami steel gate


#2 - Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature


#1 - United Airlines sued me last year for creating Skiplagged, a site that saves consumers money on airfare by exposing secrets. Instead of shutting it down, United made Skiplagged go viral worldwide and supporters donated over $80,000! Today, there's no lawsuit and Skiplagged is still marching on. AMA



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